A teenager like any other, and in love with a girl. There’s only one problem – they’ve taken her. Now he must embark on an adventure to rescue her, one that will not only change his life forever, but also determine the fate of humanity.

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She’s not your average teenage girl. After OMNI murdered her family she swore revenge, joining a rebel organization known as ‘The Resistance’, and becoming one of their top spies. However, after many successful missions she’s finally been caught. Can she attain freedom and stop OMNI before they use their deadliest weapon to date?

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Named the ‘Pinnacle of Creation’ by her father, Cyrus. L is an android assassin that feels no pain, lacks empathy, and will do anything to succeed. Her current mission:”Kill the boy and return with your brother”.

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Upon his creation, his father Cyrus proclaimed: ‘I made him in the likeness of God’. Odd then that Tensoku would look so much like a young Cyrus. With his charismatic and driven personality he quickly became the obvious heir to the OMNI throne, taking the company to new heights and fulfilling his father’s most far-reaching visions. However, recently something has changed. It appears that Tensoku has found a new partner, one that will take him down darker avenues.

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The smartest man to have ever lived, and the ‘Father’ of OMNI. Once, heralded as ‘Savior of Humanity’, Cyrus lost hope after the events of “The Last War.” Now more recluse than savior, Cyrus hides in OMNI Castle obsessing over a strange invention that he believes will finally save humanity from itself. The question is: will it be done through creation, or destruction?

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A former OMNI trooper gone rogue; he now leads The Resistance against the oppressive forces of OMNI.

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The mute, cyber tech junky of The Resistance. When he’s not streaming VR games he’s usually brushing up on the latest news regarding quantum computing. Even with missing vocal chords, his friends can’t seem to get him to shut up.

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The wild tempered, explosives specialist of The Resistance and a former leader of the Night Witches – an all female gang in The Understory. She lives to eliminate as many OMNI fuckers as she can.

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A master of Miyamoto Musashi’s dual-sword style and a devoted taoist. He has sworn vengeance against OMNI, who dishonored his grandfather and stole his family home.

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A brilliant and cyber-obsessed engineer with a lust for the darker delights of life. Oppenheimer clawed his way through the Understory to become one of the most feared men in ProtoTokyo. He now works with Tensoku, developing monstrous killing machines such as the long awaited “God’s Spear”.

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The Komodo

A towering mechanized lizard designed by the brilliant Oppenheimer to “maintain public order.”

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Standard OMNI Trooper

Each soldier is a genetically modified clone grown by OMNI. They’re faster, stronger, and more ruthless than any man. Upon reaching full maturationo they receive a neuralink implant which rids them of all emotion and puts them under the full control of OMNI.

Demolition Trooper

An OMNI Trooper that specializes in ranged and explosive attacks.

OMNI Swordmaster

An OMNI trooper trained for close combat. Often the officers of a given unit.

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